Quality control


New employees are first introduced to TIG welding in a basic training lasting several months. Only then are the first products manufactured for customers, whereby the following topics are handled in a multi-year development process,

which includes the welding test for the tube welder CrNi relatively early:

Material requisition
Additional materials
Gas protection
Interpass temperature and welding temperature
Maximum material temperature during welding
Cleaning the weld seam
Welding distortion
Mechanical seam load

Test protocols for quality assurance:

Helium leak test
Pressure test up to 400 bar
Measuring station
Endoscopy images
Temperature logs

Important measures for process assurance:

Cleaning of components before welding
Welding Instructions (WPS)
Large selection of clamping devices
Reduction of distortion due to properly welded constructions

The supervision of the quality assurance takes place in-house by a welding engineer depending upon requirements. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about our service portfolio and various individual application options.